Behind the scenes of our film

We are so excited to launch our BRAND NEW band KEYSTONE DUO!
Putting our duo together has been so amazing and so much fun, we thought we would share our experience in making the video and some photo’s from BTS!
A special thanks goes to our friends at Bonjor Films & Finer Audio, who were able to capture the true essence of our duo for everyone to see!

After narrowing down our song choices, Jamie and I put together a 5 minute arrangement to record with Matt (Finer Audio). The 6 songs your hear in the film are by some of our favourite artists:
If I Ain’t Got You - Alicia Keys
Rock With You - Michael Jackson
Marry You - Bruno Mars
Cruisin’ - Smokey Robinson
All Of Me - John Legend
Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston

To get the very best out of our filming day, we woke up at 3:15am and arrived at Calshot beach (Southampton) by sunrise to meet up with Jordan (Bonjor Films) to get some amazing shots of the sunrise and later in front of our own beach hut further down the beach. In the video you’ll see us set up and prepare for the shoot, from unloading the car, to setting up Jamie’s paddle boat “Bumble Bee” (ties in with our bumble bee at the beginning of the video)
With the sun still rising and the tide slowly making its way in, we began recording the first stage of our film inside the boat. This is so symbolic for us as we met as entertainers on a cruise ship! Taking the paddle boat out on the water not only is super cute and romantic it also emphasises how we found each other and our special connection! We had way too much fun filming these scenes!

The cool thing about this location was that we only scouted it out about a day before the shoot. Jordan & Matt found the pile of logs in the middle of the woods and decorated it with our own fresh flowers (you catch a glimpse of them in the beach scenes) We also used our smoke grenades and I think it just takes the video to the next level. This scene really changes up the vibe from the beach and you can see our attire change from casual to smart casual. At the beach we wanted a really relaxed vibe, and we start to get a little more dressed up as the video progresses.

This scene was filmed in Jamie’s parents beautiful back garden in the southern English countryside, and was our final film location for the day. Matt & Jordan decorated the beautiful archway with flowers and lots of fairy lights. Lucky for us, the archway is already a permanent part of the garden, and positioned in the very center. After a dazzling and oddly warm winters day at the beach, the night shoot was so COLD! Temperatures dropped quite dramatically and you can see in the pictures below I struggled to keep warm! If you look closely at the film, you’ll see my breath in the cold air! Haha

Overall this experience is one we will always remember and hope you guys will enjoy watching it as much as we have enjoyed making it! We are so excited to bring you KEYSTONE DUO!
Here are some shots of BTS in making our film

Sarah Samiakos